Sheerluc (sheerluc) wrote in atlanta_parents,

paging Ms. Manners

We plan on taking our daughter to Stone Mountain's Pumpkin Festival, this year for her birthday. It is about an hour to an hour and a half drive for us. She is wanting to invite some friends along. I feel that if we were to invite friends it would be up to me to pay for the friends ticket. Do you guys feel the same way? What about parking and parent/sibling tickets? It is a bit of a drive and is it fair to expect other parents to drive their kids that far? If I did I certainly wouldn't think it would be appropriate to receive gifts as well...I mean they would already be paying 50+ for gas, parking and one adult ticket...

Maybe I should just mention to a select few close friends that we will be at Stone Mountain that day if they feel like joining us? As far as I know only one friend has a season pass...

Oh and for anyone in the area...If you have a child around age 6-7 and plan on being at Stone Mountain on Saturday the 21st (?) .. i dont have a calender close by look us up!
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