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Pre-registration for Faerie Escape: Atlanta (FaEAtlanta) ends July 31

Join us for two days of conversation, creation and celebration as we explore the fairy tales of old and the fae of today. FaEAtlanta brings together an expo hall of all that is beautiful in faedom; sessions by leading scholars on mythology and fairy tales; workshops on costuming, faerie houses, and faerie seership; and parties for fae from the wild and from the urban jungle. Children under 12 admitted free with a paid adult registration.

Check out for a full guest list, schedule, exhibitors, registration information and more!

What: Faerie Escape: Atlanta
When: Aug. 14 – 15
Where: Holiday Inn Select – Atlanta Perimeter
Sponsors: The Mythic Imagination Institute, the Phoenix and Dragon bookstore, Realms of Fantasy Magazine, FAE magazine
Guests: Charles Vess, Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, Ari Berk, Orion Foxwood, Honora Foah, Candace Apple, IK the Troll, Eugie Foster, Bill Bridges, Barbara Friend Ish and many more
$19 in advance, $29 at the door
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